• What the Heck’s a Fat Bomb? Hint: Keto Dieters Know
      Kapow! That’s the sound of hunger being clobbered by a satisfying Fat Bomb. What’s a Fat Bomb? It’s the Keto dieter’s version of a power bar, a mix of high quality fats and intense flavors rolled into a snack-size ball. The idea is that eating one or two keeps you... Read more »
      Coconut and lemon are two great foods for summer snacks. Whether you are a kid or an adult you will love these delicious coconut cashew butter lemon energy bites. Make a bunch and pack them on your long bike rides or hikes. If you are just relaxing... Read more »
    • Peach and Rose Summer Heat Elixir
      Summer is the time for getting outdoors, hanging out with friends and family, and enjoying heaps and heaps of stone fruit. One of my favorites of course, is a perfectly ripe juicy peach that runs down your arm as you bite into it. I can often be found eating them... Read more »
    • Grilling With Vinegar: Chimichurri Transforms Grilled Summer Squash
      Chimichurri is an Argentine herb sauce commonly served with steaks and other grilled meats, but it's just as delicious spooned onto vegetables, like the grilled zucchini and summer squash here. This version of chimichurri includes both parsley and cilantro, along... Read more »

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